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Riki Dalal 2018 collection.

We have just added the 2018 collection from Riki Dalal on Bridal App.


Check out the Riki Dalal 2018 collection on Bridal App.


Riki Dalal is an haute couture bridal gown designer producing extravagant gowns for every brides style.
As years pass, bridal designers are getting bolder due to the fact that many Israeli wedding gown designs are paving the way for a new era of bridal couture. Daring backs, tight rears, deep necklines, and intricate detail have become the newest string of wedding gowns, and Riki Dalal has become amongst the top wedding dress designers in Israel to sell her dresses across the globe.

All Riki Dalal gowns are hand-made by the top seamstresses in Israel under Riki’s constant supervision as every gown is made uniquely to the wearer’s physique. The brand can be found in over 30 stores across the globe.





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