BridalApp visits Interbride

In order to build a platform for the bridal industry that fits with the needs of the market’s major players, we regularly visit trade fairs to meet up with bridal brands and ask them about their views and opinions.

Interbride is one of Europe’s biggest trade fairs for bridal, so naturally we were there. We met with many bridal brands we had spoken with before, but also discovered many new brands there.


Because the wedding dress is at the very heart of the bridal industry, Bridal App has committed to showing all wedding dresses of all bridal brands in our app at no charge. And because we want to support the fairy tale romance that goes with bridal, we don’t want nasty adds and banners to interfere with that. Our listings pages for bridal dresses are free of advertisements.

Publishing your wedding dresses on Bridal App is free and will be free. Forever.

If you are representing a bridal brand and you were at Interbride and somehow missed us, please contact us. We will include your dresses as well if you want!

What did you think about Interbride this year? Share your views in the comments below.


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